Here are the Services and prices we offer at the office. You can find some more by calling me at 619-870-0440 or 619-730-3261 or www.facebook/BartellDental, you can also find easier directions on Google


Please NOTE all prices listed are CASH discount.




M/P Bridge




Emax Max 3 Units


Bruxzir (Solid Zirconia)

*More than 1 $460 each

Bruxzir (Solid Zirconia) Bridge


Bruxzir Anterior (High Aesthetics)

*More than 1 $460 each

Bruxzir Anterior Bridge


Root Canals








Normal / Surgical


Wisdom Teeth


Extraction with Bone Graft



1 unit flipper


Flexible Partial


Full Denture


Set of Dentures



(On normal Bone Conditions)

Single implants(metal porcelain crown)


Single implants(Zirconia crown)


Bottom over-dentures with 4 mini implants

From $4500

Upper over-dentures with 6 mini implants

From $5500

Single implants(EMax crown with custom abutment)

EMax crown are more translucent and would need a different underneath piece that is white or the color would show.

Other options are available, prices varies at your bone quality, extra surgical procedures, etc…

*A CBCT 3D scan is needed to do the full diagnostic and treatment plan of any implant treatment which will be taken the day you come in for your implant consultation.


Deep cleaning




With Anesthesia and root planning

Per Quadrant

Surgical cleaning

Per Quadrant

If you have any questions or doubts of the Pricing and Services I provide don’t hesitate to call me 619-870-0440 / 619-730-3261 or email me