Have Questions ?

1. You may all have one question in mind with in comes to having dental work in Tijuana right? IS IT SAFE?

The U.S. media depicts coming to TJ as like going into a war zone, and this is something I hear at least once a week at the office.  All our clients know the truth but they even tell us it’s hard when they try to bring in new patients, they fear for their lives they say.

SOOOO to finalize, just like in any city in the world, there are areas that are safe and not safe.  Cross the border, take a 5 minute cab, get your work done and another 5 minute cab ride to the border.  Although many of out clients, they love to travel and spends days in tj while getting their work done.

Remember you can always contact me, Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell, any time on my USA cell phone 619-870-0440, or txt if I don’t pick up.

2. Do we cover Dental Insurance?

The plain answer is NO and we prefer cash or credit but both are happily accepted, although for implant work, most of the work has to be paid in cash. Any arrangements can be done in person. For insurance, we can fill out a reclaim form for your dental insurance company but from my experience it is very rare they will cover Implants.

3. What if your procedure takes a few days or you just feel like staying in TJ and having a mini vacation?

Let me know beforehand what do you want and I can provide you the best information I have so you can have a decent time as well as to where not to go.

4. Do we just offer Dental Implant services?

NO, just check our sister site:
www.bartelldental.com  or contact me Mark@bartelldental.com or 619-870-0440

5. Any offers for you guys?

Bring me something unique, something special and I might knock $100 dollars off your implant.

6. How long after I get my implant placed can I get my tooth in?

It all depends, but for the most part I tell my patients at least 4 month.

There may be many concerns, but setup an appointment and let me clear all those questions and doubt!