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Bartell Dental Tijuana Implants Dr. Mark and William Bartell Sr.

Welcome to Bartell Dental Tijuana Implants, where we offer great service at good prices. My name is Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell and would like to thank you for visiting my site. My main focus is Restorative Dentistry, meaning I work on your bone, place the implants and perform the rehabilitation process, no need to jump from Dentist to Dentist. We use some of the latest equipment in Dental Industry and perform all types of work not limited to just Implants, but crowns, bridges and all the Cosmetics….. Like our motto, we do it all. On the picture you can see my father who has owned the business for 40 years or so, Dr. William Bartell Sr.  You can also check out my FB page,

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Aaron Alvarez

Best I've ever had. Excellent work at reasonable prices (even without insurance).

Aaron AlvarezPatient
Scott Miner

Went for a cleaning yesterday. Was in and out within 30 minutes. Minerva in the office was exceptional as well as Dr. Mark. I'm retired living in Tijuana so this was very convenuent. Will definitely go back in 6 months. Highly recommend !

Scott MinerPatient
Mindy McDonald

Best Dentist I have ever seen! He's awesome and so is his team! They are knowledgeable, gentle and fairly priced. They treat my family and I always tell my friends this is the best place to go for their dental needs. We were blessed to be referred by my friend and it is my pleasure to spread that blessing.

Mindy McDonaldPatient

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