Dental Implants- All You need to Know

Dental Implants- All You need to Know

The number of people in the USA having implants in their mouths is increasing each day. According to the statistics of the American Academy of Implant dentists (AAID), almost 5000 new people are getting dental implants for replacing their missing teeth each year. This is because dental implants are currently the most effective and convenient way of tooth replacement with very high merit in functionality as well as aesthetics. To know why dental implants are so popular, it is better to learn what implants are and how they function.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is basically an artificial tooth root which supports one or more artificial teeth.  The implant is a cylindrical screw made of titanium alloy which makes it extremely strong, durable and safe for use in the oral cavity. Your implant dentist will screws it into a very precisely drilled hole in your jaw using precision torque instruments. In three to six months, depending on your dental and overall health, the implant becomes virtually a part of your body through a natural growth process called osseointegration.

Who Can Benefit from Implants?

Virtually anyone who needs to replace one or more teeth can benefit from implants. The need to replace may be due to functional requirements or a combination of functionality and aesthetics. There is just one limitation. Just like a normal tooth root, the implant also takes support from the surrounding bone. If the surrounding bone is not strong enough, or for some reason, there is not enough bone present, an implant cannot be installed.  This problem is normally faced by patients who have chronic or incurable diseases like diabetes, cancer, or immunity deficiency. Bone loss due to accident or bone porosity due to any reason can influence the suitability for implants. Dentists have evolved a way around this limitation. Good quality bone can be grafted to make up the deficiency in some cases. This will, of course, entail extra expense and treatment time.

What is Osseo-Integration?

Osseo-integration means integration with bone. In terms of dental implants, it is their ability to promote bone formation around them, which enhances the stability of the artificial teeth. Titanium has been found to be the best metal for osseointegration. Bones cells start growing into the surface of the metal, and in about six months, bone integrates with the metal as if the metal were a part of the bone. A very natural bond is formed. In the case of a dental implant, you a get a root which is as good as a natural root but with the strength of titanium metal.

What are the Benefits of Implants?

Now we talk about why the implants have become so popular.  You should expect the following benefits from implant-supported restorations over other forms like bridges and conventional dentures:

  • Strength and the stability-The Tijuana implants have the stability of a natural root and strength of titanium.
  • No eating restrictions– You can eat almost anything with implant supported teeth. With other restorations like dentures, you need to be careful with what you eat as they don’t provide optimal chewing efficiency and stability.
  • Long Life– The implant is virtually a lifetime solution. In fact, the implant proper lasts you a lifetime. However, the crown built over it may need replacement after about fifteen years. Even that can be extended with good oral hygiene and care.
  • Aesthetics– Dental implants provide a strong foundation for the attachment of aesthetic and naturally appealing prostheses. Therefore, in the case of dental implants, you can confidently invest in good quality and beautiful looking teeth to be supported over them.
  • No Handling care– Unlike dentures your Implant-supported teeth always remain in your mouth. You do not have to remove them, store them, or take other care.
  • Normal Oral hygiene– Your oral hygiene, i.e., brushing and flossing etc. Does not put any extra restrictions on you. Just brush and floss the implants supported teeth like your natural teeth.

What is the Procedure for Getting Implants?

The procedure for getting Tijuana implants issimple although the conventional procedure has been lengthy extending over months. The following steps were involved in a conventional implant procedure:

  • Suitability Examination and Consultation – This is invariably the first step towards the implant procedure. Your dentist will perform a dental examination to decide whether you can benefit from dental implants. He or she will make a detailed examination of your teeth and mouth, even using x-ray images of your teeth and jaw bones and enquire about details about your general health. Once your dentist has determined that you are a suitable candidate for getting implants, a detailed treatment plan will be prepared according to your dental needs.
  • Bone Graft- In case your implant specialist determines your jaw is deficient of bone in the desired locations, bone augmentation procedure may be required. Bone from another part of the body is harvested and grafted at the site. This involves surgical procedures and will cause extra expense, in addition to an extension of the time of treatment. in other cases, a graft can also be taken from an animal or synthetic sources.
  • Implant Insertion– Once bone grafting has taken place, or good quality bone already exists, the next step will be the placement of the implant or implants. Your dentist will give you suitable anesthesia and make an incision over the soft tissue overlying the bone in which the implant will be inserted. Afterward, your dentist will drill a hole of the correct size at the right place at the right angle. In this, he or she will screw the implant very carefully using pre-calibrated torque instruments.
  • Abutment and Prosthesis– Abutment is a screw which goes into the exterior end of the implant. The abutment projects above the gum. The open end of the abutment is used to attach a crown,   or in case of multiple missing teeth, a bridge carrying many teeth which acts as the support for the bridge structure.

How many Implants do I Need?

One of the best things about dental implants is that you do not need one implant for replacing each missing tooth. Normally, an implant can support up to three or four artificial teeth. In fact, in the case of healthy patients, your dentist may place the teeth of an entire jaw on just four implants. That is called as All-on-Four.


Immediate Implants

The conventional procedure for implants involved allowing for full osseointegration before “loading” it. However, it has been found that implants can, in healthy cases be loaded immediately. That is new crowns can be placed over them immediately. The whole process can be completed in one day. This is referred to as “same-day-implants” or “immediate implants”.



Dental implants have certainly revolutionized the dental industry. Gone are the days when dentures were the most common option for replacing missing teeth. Now, you can enjoy a naturally beautiful and lasting smile with MAB DENTAL IMPANTS TIJUANA  – Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell. Don’t hesitate to send me an email: or shoot me a call/txt @ 619-870-0440 any time and will get back to you are quickly as possible. You can also check out my FB page,


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