Root Canal Treatment

Is your tooth hurting? Want to save your badly damaged tooth, in most cases a root canal is a viable option before losing the tooth, Come on in before it’s too late.

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Teeth Whitening

Looking to whiten your yellowish stained teeth, I offer in-house whitening and take home kits.

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Tired of missing teeth or loose dentures? I offer from single/multiple implant restorations to full fixed and semi-removable options for Denture restorations.

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Bartell Dental Tijuana Implants – Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell

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Welcome to Bartell Dental Tijuana Implants, My name is Dr. Mark Anthony Bartell and would like to thank you for visiting my site. My main focus is Restorative Dentistry. Next to me is Dr. Minerva Avalos, her main focus is Cosmetic Dentistry and we always work as a team to offer you the best Service possible and at good Prices. We do all kind of Dental work from Cleanings to fillings, crowns, dentures, implants, crowns, etc.. as you can see on our Services page.  If you have any questions or want to setup an appointment you can reach me at or call me at 619-870-0440 or 619-770-3261

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Dental Implants

What are Simple Dental Implants?

It is basically a replacement tooth, let’s say you lost a tooth, an implant can cover up that hole and and with a crown you will have a new tooth!!!


Our Procedure


The first Visit:

We run a complete diagnostic of the patient’s mouth, see what is wrong, what can be fixed and what can’t. We ask the patient what she would prefer and offer various options that could be done. We will have the patient take a 3d Xray of the mouth. Afterward the patient will leave and the doctor will do a diagnostic based on what he sees on the digital xray.  With that information I will be able to plan what can be done to the patient and the time frame as well as the costs. I tend to offer alternative treatment options as well so you are not limited.

The Second Visit:

I will give the patients the options available as well as a treatment plan and costs. This can be done on the first as well to avoid extra travel.

The Third Visit:

We begin the procedure depending of the results from the results and we place the implants or do bone surgeries, sinus lift procedure or a mixture of a different things.

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Benefits & Costs

Benefits of Implants include:

  1. Replace missing teeth
  2. Natural looking
  3. Improved ability to eat
  4. Maintains your natural smile
  5. Can raise self esteem

Missing multiple teeth?

These options will be more detailed in the Services section of the site.

  1. Implant supported bridge
  2. Implant supported Removable Dentures
  3. Implant supported Fixed Dentures
  4. Over-dentures supported by Mini Implants

Costs of Implants can range from $1600 up to $50,000+ depending on the treatment selected and also certain conditions in the anatomy of the mouth from tooth loss that could like to procedures like:

  1. Bone Graft with Tooth Extraction
  2. Bone Augmentations (minor or major)
  3. Maxillary Sinus Lifts (Crestal or Lateral)
  4. Periodontal surgery
  5. Infections
  6. Type of Restoration is a key factor as well.
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Aaron Alvarez

Best I've ever had. Excellent work at reasonable prices (even without insurance).

Aaron AlvarezPatient
Scott Miner

Went for a cleaning yesterday. Was in and out within 30 minutes. Minerva in the office was exceptional as well as Dr. Mark. I'm retired living in Tijuana so this was very convenuent. Will definitely go back in 6 months. Highly recommend !

Scott MinerPatient
Mindy McDonald

Best Dentist I have ever seen! He's awesome and so is his team! They are knowledgeable, gentle and fairly priced. They treat my family and I always tell my friends this is the best place to go for their dental needs. We were blessed to be referred by my friend and it is my pleasure to spread that blessing.

Mindy McDonaldPatient

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